Gymnastics in itself encompasses a various amount of routines. Women's competitive gymnastics encompasses the uneven bars, balance beam, floor exercise and vault. Men’s competitive gymnastics also does the floor exercise, but instead has the pommel horse, still rings, vault, parallel bars, and high bar. There are also other artistic disciplines, such as trampolining, tumbling, and rhythmic gymnastics, our specialty.

With the various disciplines, comes the various forms of training required to become the best. We offer flexibility classes in order to give you the most limber muscles for competition. Getting you the better edge with proper technique is extremely important. We also do dance and cheerleading classes, for those who are looking to enter the competitive dance/cheer scene. All disciplines require some form of training and we can extend your performance goals more than ever.

Our gym also has parkour instructors, a foam pit and much more. Ask us about doing your child's birthday party with us.

For more information on all of services or questions for our gymnastics trainers, contact World Elite Gymnastics in Ontario, CA today!